Flu vaccine for children

Each child is special and has unique need during the growing up years; parents are required to take utmost care to ensure the safety and healthy childhood. Children and especially infants are prone to vulnerable infections that can ruin their livelihood, it is imperative that parents keep them in good health by getting them vaccinated in time.

Early childhood is the time when there is rapid growth, development, the immune system is not well developed at thims time, and some of infectious diseases such as whooping cough and flu can hamper the growth and development of the child. Vaccines are the safest and most effective method to control and prevent numerous diseases affecting children, parents should vaccinate kids against flu as it improves their immune system. Vaccines are weakened forms of the disease causing microorganisms that are injected to the body to evoke immune response; the body will produce an army of antibodies that will fight in the future. It is essential that the kids have up-to-date immune system for optimal development.

Flu can cause very painful joints.

Flu vaccine for children is given as a one dose squirted up in each nostril, the vaccinations is needle free and the nasal spray has a higher level of effectiveness and reliable. Flu can be unpleasant to kids and senior population above seventy years, some of the symptoms that are associated with flu include headache, aching muscles, chills, fever, stuffy nose, sore throat, and dry cough among other symptoms lasting up to a week. Some of the children have high fever complications of flu such as pneumonia, bronchitis, and painful middle ear infections. The nasal spray will not only help to protect the child from getting flu, it helps the spread of the disease to family members, and wider population in what is referred to as herd immunity. Children can spread flu to a large population largely because they sneeze in most areas and do not wash their hands or wash them properly. Vaccinating the kids will help protect them from other vulnerable diseases.

Flu vaccine is expected to stop over two thousand deaths, and over twelve thousand hospitalizations annually from flu and related diseases. Children at risk of flu are given manual injections and it is vital that they be vaccinated annually against the flu. Children with six months to two years should be given injected vaccine to help them fight the disease. There are various children who should avoid the nasal spray, children with egg allergy, severe asthma, weakened immune system, and active wheezing. Because main flu virus changes annually it is vital that the vaccine be given on annual basis since the vaccine will be updated. The safety concerns are alleviated since the vaccine has undergone numerous tests and trials by the food and administration department. Flu vaccine has been used for more than sixty years and has undergone numerous upgrades to ensure safety and effectiveness. There less or no side effects when vaccinated, normally what may seem, as a side effect is the body response to the vaccination.


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